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Josh Levine: Press

"This gaggle of sing-along faves mixes Spanish songs with English classics ("Wheels on the Bus"), rendered in Levine's Latin-jazzy approach. Best download: "A Place in the Choir."
Bill Childs of Spoil the Child, Spare the Rock radio out of Florence, MA, hosted a recording session party with about 20 different artists and groups showing up to record one or two tunes for the radio show and meet and hang out with each other, as well as nieghborhood kids, Bills daughter Ella, and some people from the media, including reporters for Wondertime, the Disney magazine, and Time Out Magazine.
Here's a link to the Time Out piece:
Levine takes full advantage of his Latino roots and jazz background on Josh Levine for Kids, the New York City bassist's first children's CD. Never have toddler tunes received such a spicy interpretation! From "Tiburon" to Bill Staines's classic "A Place in the Choir," these songs are guaranteed to induce spontaneous salsa dancing at your next toddler time.

Levine, a former elementary school music teacher, does the almost impossible, performing songs for the very young that you'll want to listen to again and again. Even oldies like "The Hokey Pokey" and "This Land Is Your Land" sound fresh and vibrant. And Levine's originals, such as "I've Got Music in My Soul," continue the joyous, jazzy vibe that runs through this album. His skill with the upright bass and the Venezuelan cuatro—a four-stringed instrument slightly smaller than a guitar—translate wonderfully into an album that's pitch-perfect for preschoolers.
Professional bassist Josh Levine, known for his performances in
the Son Amigos trio and the Los Acustilocos quartet, makes his children's recording debut with this island-inspired collection of traditional and multicultural songs. His varied musical styles offer lots of energetic harmonies that will make listeners want to dance. Levine provides the vocals
as well as most of the instrumentation. Traditional songs, such as "The Alphabet Song," "Jump Jim Joe," "The Hokey Pokey," and "If You're Happy and You Know It," are fresh and lively. Complementing the traditional tunes are pieces such as Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" and " Place in the
Choir" by Bill Staines. Spanish language songs include "Cumpleanos Feliz,"" Mi Cuerpo Hace Musica," and "Tiburon." The recording's highlights are Levine's original songs. For example, "A Real Bouquet" celebrates diversity with the lyrics "children of this great big world are flowers in a way, some are light, some are dark, like a real bouquet...if we all looked the same,
who'd know you from me?" Listeners will look forward to future offerings
from this talented musician/writer. Perfect for leisure listening or classroom movement activities, this title is sure to be a hit.
After spendind the morning with Gina Sings & Josh Levine, 3 year old
Molly was heard saying "That was a good vacation!"

Gina and Josh engage and entertain both the grown ups and children when
performing at Brooklyn "PLAY" Spot. Gina and Josh are clever, talented,
fun and clearly love their craft
...Levine has combined the varied influences from his rich musical background to create what might be the kids' album most likely to induce spontaneous salsa dancing.

Full of short, intimate performances (four songs come in under the one-minute mark!) Josh Levine for Kids is a great, great resource for toddler and preschool programming, as well as a flat-out fun album to listen to loudly at home. Warn your downstairs neighbors, though: uncontrolled dancing is guaranteed!

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When playing toddler standards, simplicity works wonders, but it's also nice to take a slightly different approach from the hundreds of recordings that have preceded you. Josh Levine for Kids, from New York City musician Josh Levine stands out from most by mixing in some Latin songs in with the English-language standards (and sometimes reworking those). For example, Levine turns the "Alphabet Song" and the "Hokey Pokey" into gentle mambos. (I liked the slight but snappy "I Am a Pumpkin," featuring the Venezuelan cuatro, in particular.) On the Latin side, the slinky "Tiburon" ("Shark") showcases Levine's keyboard work and "Mi Cuerpo Hace Musica" has nice percussion work from Levine and Guillermo Cardenas. Levine also lends his alto to his own music accompanying Edith Segal's "A Real Bouquet," a sweet song in praise of diversity.

Though the album encourages movement on the part of the listener, in general it exudes the mellow vibe of a lazy, sun-drenched afternoon. I kept on having "Getz/Gilberto" flashbacks -- I wasn't expecting "The Girl from Ipanema," really, but there's a certain timelessness to the jazzy Latin rhythms that will keep it from aging. I think the 22-minute album's most appropriate for kids ages 2 through 7. You can hear samples at Josh's music for kids page.

Whether you're looking for some slightly different takes on toddler favorites, to broaden your family's musical palette, or just for a nice, low-key 20-minute timeout, Josh Levine For Kids is a good place to start. Recommended.
This Latin-leaning group—which has headlined at Merkin Hall and played Carnegie—usually starts off with classical flute and acoustic guitar, moves to jazz, and builds to a six-piece Cuban and Brazilian rhythm ensemble. Their multilingual original numbers include salsa and bossa nova, but they also favor swing and funk.

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- New York Magazine (Sep 14, 2005)
Los Acustilocos performed in the final section of this Program, along with Mr. Rivero, in folk renditions of Argentinean songs, as well as in American music, such as Bernstein and Gershwin.

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- Roberta on the Arts (Jun 6, 2003)