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Josh Levine: Music

A Real Bouquet

(All instruments and vocals by Josh Levine)
Words by Edith Segal, music by Josh Levine
When I was assistant teaching 2nd grade at P.S. 9, Marcy Hrazneck, the head teacher, brought in this poem by Edith Segal. While the class was making illustrated booklets for the poem, this tune popped into my head.
Everybody has two eyes
Bright as stars they shine
But the color may not be
Just the same as mine
Brown or blue, grey or green
What difference does it make
As long as you can see the sun
Shining when you wake?

Some folks’ hair is very black
Some have blond or brown
Whatever color it may be
It’s a pretty crown
Flowers have so many shades
And I’m sure you know
Many lovely gardens where
Such flowers grow

Children of this great big world
Are flowers in a way
Some are light and some are dark
Like a real bouquet
Did you ever stop to think
How awful it would be
If everybody looked the same,
Who’d know you from me?