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Josh Levine: Music

Tiburon (Shark)

(Josh Levine for Kids)
Ruiz Carmona Florentino
Tiburon, tiburon (shark, shark)
Tiburon, tiburon (shark, shark)
Tiburon a la vista (shark upon seeing)
Banista (a swimmer)
El tiburon (the shark)
Quiere comer (wants to eat)
De mi pellejo (of my flesh)
No va a poder (it will not be able to)
Salte del agua mujer (jump out of the water woman)
Y ven conmigo a bailar (and come with me to dance)
El tiburon (the shark)
Te va a comer (is going to eat you)
Ay, ay, ay, ay!
Que te come tiburon, mama! (the shark will eat you, mama!)
Ay, ay, ay, ay!
Que te come tiburon.

This is a great song to do with kids when you mime the action. For example, press your hands together above your head to make the shark's fin, swim like the swimmer, clap your hands together like the shark's jaws and so on.