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Josh Levine: Guestbook


December 4, 2015

Great performance today @ Project Linkage.


March 31, 2015

i love it! I'm a fan!


June 10, 2013

Hello Josh! Thanks so much for connecting me to your music and it was really nice meeting you and hearing you perform last week Sunday in the refreshing. I'm officially a fan!


June 7, 2013

hola! josh,

como estas? pon nuevas fotos.


September 14, 2012

Your singing and music with Steven in Central Park made my day today. Music is truly magical!


April 30, 2012

We heard you in Central Park over the weekend, and loved your music. So glad to see that you have so many fans! Our daughter loves your children CD.

Nick Demos

March 17, 2011

Great to meet you in class today! when do I get to hear you play??

Joan Levine

November 16, 2010

che bueno!

Eddy Diaz

August 22, 2010

Hello Josh. I am the fat guy in the wheel chair that gave a small donation and you gave me the card with the website. You were great with Fabian Mary and would love to catch you again sometime! Best wishes and Good Luck in your endeavors...


September 1, 2009

just heard you in Central Park--you were great

Elise Andre'a

May 12, 2009

Hey, Central Park accordianist, great site, music, photos...looks like you were teaching and singing in elementary schools during the years that I did the same.

June Hassen-Hernandez

April 7, 2009

Hi Josh-

Thanks for performing at Ethan's Birthday party on Friday. It was a wonderful time for Ethan and his classmates. You made his birthday so memorable.

June & Ethan Jude


April 3, 2009

Great music; can't wait to hear you play again!


April 2, 2009

Hace mucho que no te escribo para decirte que admiro tu talento y que me encanta escucharte. Eres mi musico consentido! :) Quien te quiere siempre...

junior rivera

March 12, 2009

u r a great musician good luck with it all


February 20, 2009

Me gusta la musica mucho! Can't wait to hear more.


January 27, 2009

nice music....

enjoyed meeting you



January 21, 2009

Hi Josh! Sorry about the other night I havn't been feeling 2 well and the weather has been a pain in my ass as well. I don't do the cold well. Anyway hope 2 hear from u soon and c u play as well. I c u play on 14th street 2nite that's where i attend school. HOLLA!!!

Jacqueline Bishop

December 4, 2008

What a pleasure to meet you and Frank. My son Josh has introduced Busker's Blues to a lively preschool in Amherst so we're all feeling good this week thanks to your music!


October 19, 2008

Escucharte es un placer, y contemplar, sobre todo, cuánto y cómo te lo disfrutas. Tu música tiene el color y el sabor de otras tierras y otras épocas. Es bella y es mágica. Y cada vez que la tocas o la cantas el tiempo se detiene, la melodía vuelve, agita recuerdos felices y nuevamente se impregna en el corazón. Una admiradora (secreta) :)


August 14, 2008

Hi Josh,
I was looking at your father's website, considering where to submit my book proposal, and I found your link. On a whim I checked it out. Though I haven't heard your music, your energy shines clear and light. I love that you teach and play with children as part of your life's work. Keep doing what you love and loving what you do . . . Melissa


May 6, 2008

I loved your gig on Sunday night and I just looked at the number of songs you know and are in your repetoire....amazing. Congratulations on all that you can do. xo a fan


April 26, 2008

hola mi amigo echale muchas ganas para que todo salga bien te adoro


April 26, 2008

Thank-you for the accordion lesson today. And pointing out that lovely cardinal. By the looks of things on here you are a very busy, and talented man. I'll hope to hear you play again sometime.
Take care,


April 25, 2008

Respeto y admiro profundamente todo el esfuerzo, trabajo y dedicacion que pones en tu musica, y me siento MUY orgullosa de ti. TQM

Phineas Baxandall

February 16, 2008

Looks like great stuff you are doing. Glad to see. Keep grooving!



February 10, 2008

Saludos desde Mexico!!

felicitaciones por los acustilocos, kenny es un gran amigo que nos regalo su cd hace años y lo seguimos guardando como toda una joya!

por cierto si tienes el mail de kenny me agradaria escibirle...

ojala visiten por aca pronto.. =)

Jorge Yagual (Former CPW neighbor)

November 19, 2007

Nice site. I shall return soon to check out your music.... Would love to see you play too. Take care and Happy Holidays!!!!

ariel ramlakhan

November 15, 2007

hi mr.josh its ariel and i got your message and have a happy thanksgiving to you too and thanks for replying


November 12, 2007

hey mr.josh its ariel again and i just wanted to say even though its not thanksgiving HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juan Carlos

November 7, 2007

muchas felicitaciones!!!

Angello e Isabella

November 6, 2007

Amamos mucho tu musica, Josh!

Nec B.

November 4, 2007

Hey Josh, My nephew Vahn loves your CD. He calls it his music. I think its great fun and swinging. You are a real gem. Never let your inner child die.

yasmine farah bensai

October 30, 2007

hi Mr. josh. I like your music. I am in class 2-201. BYE!


October 15, 2007

Aunque ya te lo he dicho muchas veces, ahora te lo escribo para que quede de manera permanente! Me encanta tu sitio en la red, escucharte cada vez que tocas y cantas. Tengo la absoluta seguridad de que seguiras triunfando y llegaras MUY LEJOS! Muchos B y A. TQM


September 30, 2007

very proud of your beautiful music and look forward to next CD

Daniel Lloyd

September 8, 2007

Hey Josh!
We met you at El Cafè in Guanajuato, and you gave us your card!
I must say I am really impressed with your stuff! Keep up the good work!
Check out our blog! :D

Peggy Brill

September 8, 2007

Hi Josh,
I met you about a month ago and we had this wonderfully unique and enchanting exchange on the back of the uptown Madison Avenue bus. You gave me your card and asked me to email. I just waited to return from my incredible month at the Jersey shore to goggle you and WOW! Your website is very impressive. And I do hope to see you again!
Kind regards,
Peggy (girl in blue dress with Children's Storefront Bag)


August 30, 2007

hi mr. josh. it's ariel again i hope you get time to read our messages! member im in ms.vogels 5th grade class noe so come visit me anytime you can if your still working in the school


August 28, 2007

hi mr josh its ariel from mrs.priscos class from lastyear. i hope you have us this year im in ms.vogels 5th grade class well i gotta go bye!

George Barger

August 24, 2007

A fasvorite song from long ago

Monica Terrazas

August 6, 2007

I recently was on vacation in NYC and had the privilage to hear you at Central Park and at Salud. I really enjoyed your music. Very impressive Bio by the way!


July 3, 2007

I am going to order your CD's for my baby! Need more Spanish songs! I remember being in Panama and my uncle playing and singing Tippi Tin Tippi Ton on his guitar! I am so glad I stumbled across this song, it brings back great memories and now I can relearn the lyrics.


June 14, 2007

hi mr.josh i like your music. i hope
see next year hasta la viata josh
from christian alarado in class 6-305


June 5, 2007

hey mr josh i wuz in mz perry's class (6-312) u got great music. good luck. bye

June 5, 2007

hello mr josh i wuz in mz perry's class (6-312) tanx 4 teaching how 2 play da recorder n stuff. see ya

kevin lopez

June 2, 2007

hi mr.josh i like your music i hope to c u next year since i had a recorder now i have two

ariel ramlakhan

May 20, 2007

dear mr josh,i am in mrsprisco's class and i love your music

Vlaska Castaneda

May 16, 2007

Great website! you have an incredible voice and your music is amazing.
God blees you. I wish you all the best.


May 15, 2007

Hi Mr. Josh, I like your songs. way to go. From class 6-305.


May 11, 2007

hi u rock i love ur music from

kevin lopez

May 10, 2007

I like your music I am from class 4-205

Catherine Benedek

February 26, 2007

I bought your CD at buy buy baby on a good hunch. It is far and away my favorite childrens CD!!! Beautiful songs and a beautiful voice !

Joan Levine

February 16, 2007

Hoping to come to your family gig on Monday. Do you have a wideo camera I can use to take pics?


February 13, 2007

Has Kenny's song for kids, "One Big Home" made it on an album yet?

César Rodríguez

January 18, 2007

Love your website!


Mai-Kim Thi Dang

December 10, 2006

Listening to your song "Trouble" as I study for my finals. You went to Oberlin, that's the school I had wanted to attend, but it was too expensive for me. I was going to major in creative writing. Are you part hispanic?


December 8, 2006

Hi Josh, ooooh, I am so excited about your website and music. Many blessings of success!


November 23, 2006

impressive website. i'd love to see you perform sometime.

Josh Levine

November 21, 2006

my name is Josh Levine too !!! omg i love u x

José Luís Martinez

November 3, 2006

Hola soy José Luís contactar contigo, escribeme a esta dirección, es la de mi esposa.


August 29, 2006

You were great at Orbit with Dominic Diaz. The work your doing with NYC kids is admirable. Good luck and God bless Mary B.
p.s I loved your web site.

Lazaro de los Santos

August 14, 2006

Lovely website, I'll be back.

joan levine

May 21, 2006

Hi Josh

I love visiting your site


January 4, 2006

if i were in new york, i'd hire you to sing 'you'd be so nice to come home to' every night!